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We keep submissions on file, and welcome them at anytime. Please send the following to 

Directors- cover letter, current resume 

Actors- cover letter, headshot, and current resume

Production Team (SM, Sound, Lighting, Set Design, Costume)- cover letter, current resume

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: If you are based in the Manchester area, and would like to lend a hand with front of house, usher, or stage hand duties, please drop us a line at 

A word on SitW's creative culture:

At the start of a season, the company comes together to establish a living Community Agreements document to agree upon shared language and practices for the creative work we are about to embark on.

Shakespeare in the Woods is committed to creating and maintaining a brave space that seeks to disrupt traditional patterns and institutional patterns of racism, sexism, transphobia, anti-Indigeneity, antisemitism, ableism, xenophobia, homophobia, islamophobia, fatphobia, ageism, and physical intimidation or harm of any form. We are committed to accountability, even and especially in discomfort, knowing that it's unrealistic to state everyone will get it right 100% of the time. 


In the event that a transgression occurs during production (that does not require immediate legal intervention), SitW reserves the right to remove the offender(s) from employment, regardless of position/power dynamic. If there is an individual(s) subject of the transgression, and they would like to attempt restoration versus removal of the offender(s), SitW will facilitate the opportunity for resolution with impartial, outside help. The outcome/decision will ultimately rest with the individual(s) subject to transgression and if they feel accountability and resolution has occurred. 

When in SitW's employment, you are entering into the mutual agreement of creating and maintaining an open, thriving work environment for yourself and your fellow artists; You are committing to upholding the Community Agreements established by the company and a brave space; You understand that in the event of misconduct, there are actionable steps for accountability and restoration, and failing to reach resolution can result in unemployment.  


We each must commit to creating a communal space that welcomes the uncompromising fullness of all individuals and their artistry, and be willing to hold ourselves to a standard that enables trust and vulnerability with one another.

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