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Seeking Northeast and New England-based actors for roles in Shakespeare in the Woods’ 2024 Season. SitW’s 4th year of programming will include MACBETH and TWELFTH NIGHT, OR, WHAT YOU WILL, in repertory (rehearsals begin July 8; runs Aug 21-Sept 8). The season will be one of dichotomy; honing in on the themes of gender spectrum & the binary, desire & jealousy, authenticity & illusion, belief & fate, and more.

Seeking actors (18+) of all genders, ethnicities, races, sizes, and abilities, with a strong handle of Shakespeare's language and verse to build a dynamic company of 9 performers for the season. We will specify if there is any criteria for a character relating to gender, race and/or ethnicity, ability, age, or physicality.


SitW is a company that disrupts the traditional gendered and binary casting in the canon. We believe there is a richness of opportunity in intentionally and mindfully looking at Shakespeare’s work through a gender expansive and queer lens in the here and now. We heavily encourage trans, non-binary, and gender expansive folks to submit for any and all desired roles. Any gender specificity stated in the breakdown reflects the gender expression of the character, not the actor.

We invite actors to bring the fullness of their lived experiences and identities into the shaping of the plays’ worlds. We approach casting conscious of the real world systemic dynamics affected and reflected in our storytelling when deciding to put specific actors in specific roles.

From dir. Roberto Di Donato: Viola has washed up to a mysterious place—Illyria—it is a magical world bursting with love (though some of the love is one-sided). Based in the twelfth night holiday celebration of a world turned ritually upside down, “TWELFTH NIGHT, OR, WHAT YOU WILL”, is a rambunctious and explosive comedy to warm the hearts of audiences with its many twists and turns! Join in on crafting a flexible, comedic, and spontaneous reimagined version of this identity-mistaken roller-coaster.
*The role of MALVOLIO has been cast.

Character Breakdown
(any gender)- Duke of Illyria, in love with Olivia, even though she does not return their admiration. They are romantic and speak in elevated emotional language.

VIOLA (woman, disguised as a man, 20s)- Viola is Sebastian’s twin sister, Shipwrecked in Illyria and alone, she takes on the disguise of Cesario and serves Duke Orsino. Throughout the duration of the play she finds that she is in love with Duke Orsino, who all the while tries to win the heart of Olivia.

SEBASTIAN (man, 20s)- Sebastian is Viola’s twin brother who gets mistaken for the disguised Viola (Cesario) while in Illyria. Because of their similar looks, Sebastian woos Lady Olivia, not knowing that she has fallen for his sister Viola. *Please note: Potential for track to include CAPTAIN and FABIAN.

OLIVIA (any gender)- A woman of noble birth. Following the loss of her father, she also loses her brother right before the start of the play. Grief-stricken, she has refused to see anyone who does not reside in her household and declared that she will be in mourning for seven years making it extraordinarily difficult for Duke Orsino to express his love for her. She falls in love with Viola who is disguised as Cesario, bringing in a comedic and complex web of love.

SIR TOBY BELCH (any gender)- Olivia’s uncle who loves to party and drink. He holds Sir Andrew Aguecheek close to him, but does not have many friends. He is smart and witty, knowing how to play people at the right time.

SIR ANDREW AGUECHEEK (any gender)- A wealthy guest in the home of Olivia. He is dim-witted, vain and clownish and because of that he has been attached to Sir Toby’s hip. They get drunk together and party all through Olivia’s mourning period. *Please note: Potential for track to include CAPTAIN.

MARIA (any gender, 20s-30s)- Maria serves Olivia. She is smart and her sharpness is the catalyst for forging a letter to Malvolio from Olivia, and in doing so sets the stage for their imprisonment. *Please note: Potential for track to include CURIO.

FESTE/CLOWN (any gender)- The royal jester for Olivia. Sometimes Feste is described as a clown, and is extremely fond of word-play. They are skilled in the art of wit, preferably cast with an actor who is familiar with clown/lecoq techniques.

From dir. Jess Slaght: In this queer reimagining of MACBETH, masculinity and ambition collide with the full spectrum of gender expression. excited to unearth the psyche of a sapphic couple as they are seduced by the violent tools of a patriarchal world. This intimate and bewitching production of MACBETH asks “What would you do for power?”
*The role of MACBETH has been cast.

Character Breakdown
(Any gender, any age)- Three supernatural entities who plot mischief against Macbeth using charms, spells, and prophecies. Fierce and playful. Drag and genderpunk encouraged.

LADY MACBETH (Any gender, 20s-40s) - Macbeth's partner, later Queen. Determined and tenacious. Experienced at putting on a facade. Their mental state deteriorates over the course of the play.

MACDUFF (Man, 30s-60s) - A nobleman hostile to Macbeth’s rise from the start. He eventually becomes leader of the crusade to unseat Macbeth.

BANQUO (Any gender, 30s-40s) - Macbeth's friend and a noble general whose children, according to the witches’ prophecy, will inherit the throne. Smart and strategic, but charming and good-hearted.

FLEANCE (Any gender, 20’s): Banquo's child. Escapes the assassination attempt that kills Banquo.

DUNCAN (Man, 30s-60s) - A beloved King. Traditional and perhaps overly-secure. Is killed in his sleep by Macbeth.

MALCOLM (Any gender, 20s) - Duncan's child, heir to the throne. Flees when Duncan is killed, but returns later with an army.

*Please note: Actors may also play other nobles, soldiers, Lady Macduff and her son, murderers, porters, etc.

Contract Details:
- $300/wk for 9 week non-union performer contract. $2,700 for duration.

- If hired for an additional creative job (fight choreographer, intimacy director, sound designer/composer) there will be an additional $20/hr pay for work during rehearsal period.

- Housing & round trip transportation from within the Northeast USA to Manchester, VT is provided.

- If traveling from outside the Northeast, production guarantees contributing the sum of $100 towards the necessary travel costs. If you plan on driving to VT, you will receive gas reimbursement, and be provided with an additional $12/wk gas stipend for rehearsal carpooling trips during the contract.

Rehearsal and Production Dates & Locations:
-Virtual rehearsals begin July 8th (Mon-Fri), VT in-person rehearsals begin July 22nd (Mon-Fri)

- Arrival travel to VT on July 21st; Departure travel on September 9th
- Preview Performances on August 17-18th
- Repertory Performance Schedule: August 21st - September 8th (Weds-Sun shows). There will be 2 additional Senior/Student Friday matinees during the run, and the potential for additional Sunday matinees at site specific locations within the region. All performances will be outdoors, and are rain or shine (with exception to extreme weather conditions).

*Actors contract allows for 2 excused absences for schedule conflicts that are communicated to the Production Team in advance.

Submission Instructions:
Please email your submission to with the subject line “2024 Actor Submission”, and include:

- Link to a self tape of your favorite Shakespeare, either a monologue or scene work. Max 2mins in length (tapes new and old welcome, we just want to see you at your best!)

- Your headshot & resume

- A cover letter that shares:

  • If you’d like to be considered for additional work on Fight Choreography (certified), Intimacy Choreography/Direction (certified), or Sound Design/Composition

  • Any specific characters you’d like to be considered for

  • If there are character genders you do not consent to be considered for. We will never cast cis actors in TGNCNB roles, but want to ensure we aren’t potentially considering TGNCNB actors for genders they do not want to play.

The Deadline for submissions is 11:59pm on April 29th, 2024. Callbacks will be scheduled for May 3rd & 4th in NYC, with limited virtual spots available on a case by case basis.

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