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Creative team opportunitieS

Shakespeare in the Woods (SitW) is seeking the immediate hire of an experienced, creative Stage Manager for our 2024 production of MACBETH (performed in repertory with TWELFTH NIGHT, OR, WHAT YOU WILL). This 4th season is about the push & pull of dichotomy, and seeks to explore the spectrum of gender, desire & jealousy, authenticity & illusion, belief & fate, and more. 

From MACBETH Director, Jess Slaght (she/her): In this queer reimagining of MACBETH, masculinity and ambition collide with the full spectrum of gender expression. I'm excited to unearth the psyche of a sapphic couple as they are seduced by the violent tools of a patriarchal world. This intimate and bewitching production of MACBETH asks “What would you do for power?”

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until the position is filled. Those interested should contact Producing Artistic Director Katharine Maness (they/them) at . After we review your application, there will be a follow up virtual interview with production team members. 

SitW is looking for an organized, resourceful, and motivated stage manager to join the creative team. Our creative practices stem from being an artist led company that’s passionate about imagining what is possible outside of conventional industry structures. Stage managers are an integral part of shaping and maintaining a healthy, thriving workspace, and we're looking for folks who lead with this mentality and see themselves as an active collaborator in the artistic process.

We believe there is a richness of opportunity in intentionally and mindfully looking at Shakespeare’s work through a gender expansive and queer lens in the here and now. Similarly, we believe there is power in telling our stories with a creative team both on and off stage that is made up of artists who carry the lived experience and understanding of the identities shaping the plays’ worlds.

With this & the production's conceptual themes in mind, we heavily encourage stage managers from within the queer community to apply for this position.

In addition to regular managerial responsibilities, stage managers should be comfortable: 

  • Operating lighting and sound equipment in collaboration with tech personnel

  • Handling, organizing, washing costumes during tech and performance run

  • Being part of set and prop material sourcing, if necessary. This expectation will be clearly communicated and defined in advanced production team meetings.

All members of the Shakespeare in the Woods 2024 company are expected to assist in the set up/moving of/breaking down of: sets, lighting, seating, and any additional materials pre and post performance. These responsibilities are assigned and led by stage management, and will be predetermined ahead of tech week. 

We encourage you to review our website’s ‘Work With Us’ section for further information on our approach to creative culture, and also please note that SitW is very excited to be newly working with Theatre Advocacy Project (TAP) this season, which will include specific creative team and company wide training and workshop sessions.

For consideration, please submit your current resume along with a cover letter that shares the following:

  • What interests you about working with SitW

  • A bit about yourself and background, especially any outdoor production experience you may have

  • Two references (please provide names, relationships, and email addresses)

  • If you have additional creative/design skills that you’d be interested in bringing into the production collaboration

  • Anything else you’d like to share with us! 



Independent Contractor employment: $300/wk ($2,700 total) with housing and roundtrip travel from within the Northeast provided. If you’d be driving yourself to VT, you’ll be reimbursed for gas, as well as receive a $12/wk gas stipend to help cover any rehearsal carpooling.


There will be a few virtual production team meetings occurring in June prior to the start of rehearsals in July.

The overall contract is 9wks, with 7wks in VT (rehearsal & run combined).

      Key Dates:

  • Virtual rehearsals begin July 8th (Mon-Fri).

  • In person rehearsals begin July 22nd (Mon-Fri) , with travel to VT occurring on July 21st

  • Previews August 17-18th

  • Repertory Performance Schedule: August 21st - September 8th (Weds-Sun shows)

Please note: Shakespeare in the Woods is a true “Rain or Shine” outdoor company. As such we maintain that the presence of rain alone will not prevent rehearsals or performances from occurring, and there is no alternate indoor performance venue that we move to due to weather.

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